HWY 200 KXRT 013

HWY 200 KXRT – 013


  • Clear and easy
  • Easy transportation through tandem axle
  • Air inflated tyres
  • LED system control device with luminous diode


  • Easy access to all components


  • Chassis out of robust metal, plastic coated
  • Stainless steel cover


  • Slow running plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungers
  • Industrial motor 100% S1


  • Compact construction
  • Miscellaneous industrial accessories
  • Time delayed pressure free automatic switch – off
  • Standing heating coil with high efficency


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This range of professional hot water high pressure cleaner is especially designed to remove and clean dirty vehicles machines and many other things in all kind of industry, handcraft and agriculture. The high pressure hot and cold water jet is very strong and effective to remove even stubborn dirt like oil, grease mud and similar. This series is designed for heavy duty operation and it is simple and reliable.

X-class stays for highest quality, an investment which pays back.

This high pressure cleaner is equipped with a german made high quality pump!



model Waschbär S 2000
order-no. HWY 200 KXRT – 013
max. operating pressure [bar] 200
max. flow rate [l/h] 1000
power [kW] 6,6 S1 Industrial motor
voltage [V/Hz] 3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz
max. water supply temperature [°C] 40 – 140
high pressure pump plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungers
rotation [rpm] 1420
detergent supply exact dosing of 2 different chemicals
measurement (lxwxh) [mm] 1080 x 740 x 830
weight [kg] 150
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